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Selling a Service, Not Hours

I use a pricing guide that features upfront pricing. This means that with the exclusion of extensive troubleshooting of the plumbing system, once I've arrived at your home and evaluated the problem, you will normally know the cost of my services before you authorize the work. Once you approve the price, you can sit back and relax; whether it takes me a few minutes, or a few hours due to unexpected problems - - the bill will be the same. I'm willing to take the risk of upfront pricing when other companies may not. It's just another benefit you get from my goal to provide a high level of customer service by saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

Because I charge repairs by the job, not by the hour, you never pay for a slow or lazy serviceman or for "run-around" time for parts and other materials. And, because it's in my best interest to work as quickly as possible, I keep my truck fully stocked and do the job efficiently and correctly the first time around. By removing the emphasis on the clock, I don't feel pressure from the homeowner to hurry (which might cause a mistake); I can take the time necessary to ensure that the job is done right.

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Saving You Money!

How? Since you'll know upfront what the costs are, you can more effectively budget your repairs. Plus, my pricing is formulated so that if you have more than one task done while I'm already there, the additional work may be eligible for a reduced price. Thus, for the best value and maximum savings, it's always wise to try to group your repairs together. That means even greater savings for you!

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